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Board Business Blog

The Alabama Association of School Boards is often adjusting to meet the changing and expanding needs of school boards in the modern-day world. The Board Business Blog features answers for and expert thought about the common questions today's school boards may have.

Chairman's Gavel: Does your board have an annual planning calendar?

By Susan Salter | AASB Director of Leadership Development 

How strategic is your board, really, when it comes to the work it does?

There’s an adage in business that holds that the way to succeed is to “put the first things first.” That is also critical for school boards which.

Chairman's Gavel: Developing the board agenda

By Susan Salter | AASB Director of Leadership Development 

Like most other aspects of governance, development of the board’s monthly meeting agenda works best when the board president and superintendent approach the task as a team.

Purely as a matter of practicality, it is.

Help Desk: Does a tenured teacher get the 75 days of pay and benefits if cancellation is because of reduction in force?


A layoff caused by a reduction in force is distinguishable from a termination caused by one of the statutory grounds. Refer to the language in Alabama's Students First Act regarding the 75 days of pay:

“...a decision to terminate...shall be effective immediately, except that a tenured.

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