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Board Business Blog

The Alabama Association of School Boards is often adjusting to meet the changing and expanding needs of school boards in the modern-day world. The Board Business Blog features answers for and expert thought about the common questions today's school boards may have.

Chairman's Gavel: 5 things every board president should know

By Susan Salter | AASB Director of Leadership Development

Whether you specifically sought the position of board president or took the reins because your board rotates the presidency among its members, no doubt you’ve had at least a moment or two where you thought, “So … now.

Chairman's Gavel: 12 tips for new board presidents

By Susan Salter | AASB Director of Leadership Development

Following are some pointers to help you lead the board to achieve its maximum effectiveness.

  1. Know your board members. You probably already have some information about their personal lives, but get to know and understand their.

Chairman's Gavel: Becoming Board President

By Susan Salter | AASB Director of Leadership Development 

Becoming president of your school board can be a little like catching a tiger by the tail. Once you’ve got it, what do you do with it?

Though many school boards simply rotate the presidency.

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