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Making sure you recruit, hire and retain the best superintendent for your school system isn’t easy, but it is the school board’s most important decision. Your board wants a superintendent who does what’s best for students and communicates well and works closely with the board and community to achieve school system goals. AASB understands the roles and responsibilities of superintendents and school boards and the nuances of public education governance in Alabama. We combine that knowledge with decades of experience to help you in your search for the best candidates for your superintendent vacancy.

Superintendent Search Whole Board Workshop

This workshop is for boards faced with appointing a superintendent. Selecting a superintendent is one of the most important actions a school board takes. In this pre-search workshop, AASB walks boards through the legal requirements related to a search, discusses the pros and cons of using a search firm or conducting the search yourself, and facilitates initial discussion of the skills and qualities the board will look for in the school system’s next CEO. The workshop can satisfy the 2 hours of state-required whole board training.


Superintendent Finder is a three-tier search assistance service designed to help local school boards fill a current or anticipated chief executive vacancy. The Alabama Association of School Boards’ customizable service engages the community and relieves the administrative hassle of advertising the position, processing applicant information, evaluating applicants and identifying finalists who best complement the school system. AASB’s consultants are skilled education leaders who understand the job of the superintendent. With deep education connections throughout Alabama, they are adept at matching executives with the right board and community. Community input is a key component of our superintendent search service. Choose the tier that best meets your school system’s unique needs.

  • Advertise the search statewide and recruit candidates
  • Survey the community on desired superintendent qualities and skills
  • Publish a descriptive brochure
  • Utilize a communication style assessment to assist with candidate screening
  • Receive and screen applications
  • Respond to inquiries regarding the vacancy
  • Check credentials and references
  • Schedule interview dates with finalists
  • Notify candidates who were not selected as finalists
  • Provide interview guide for boards
  • Facilitate, within 90 days of the superintendent taking office, a discussion of board and superintendent communication styles, school system goals, and the method that will be used to evaluate the superintendent
    Silver service plus ...
  • Conduct up to six meetings with constituent groups
  • Present analysis of community feedback during board meeting or work session
  • Facilitate board meeting or work session to finalize a profile of the desired leader
    Silver & Gold services plus ...
  • Advertise the position nationally
  • Facilitate a board meeting or work session to develop candidate interview questions


For more information about AASB's SUPERINTENDENT | FINDER service, please contact AASB Director of Leadership Development Lisa Stamps at or 334-386-9434.

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