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Contact: Sally Smith, J.D.

The executive director is AASB's spokesperson and conducts the association's affairs and the directions of the AASB Board of Directors while remaining within limits set by association bylaws and policies. The executive ensures high quality information, service and leadership programs are provided for Alabama's school board members. An executive administrative assistant - who serves as liaison to the AASB Board of Directors - and department directors support the executive director's goals and the association's strategic plan.

General Counsel and Legal Advocacy

Contact: Jayne H. Williams, Esq.

The department oversees association legal compliance, legal transactions and human relations. It manages policy services and legal data/research. Responsibilities include, directing the Legal Assistance Fund, fielding member calls, coordinating Delegate Assembly, making presentations on legal topics, serving as liaison to the AASB Bylaws Committee and reviewing and writing on legal topics (see Court Report newsletter). An administrative assistant supports departmental objectives.

Finance and Operations

Contact: Adrienne Edwards, CPA

The department oversees association finance, fiscal compliance, financial research, information technology, bookkeeping, e-verification and property and equipment management. Responsibilities include making presentations on financial topics, conducting CSFO searches, providing budget and finance support to the executive director and AASB Board of Directors and serving as liaison to the Medicaid Administrative Claiming and Direct Billing programs. A coordinator and administrative assistant support the director and departmental objectives.

Governmental Relations

Contact: Lissa Tucker, J.D.

The department implements the association's advocacy agenda that addresses public education issues at the state and national levels. The department also coordinates Alabama's involvement in the NSBA Federal Relations Network. Responsibilities include legislative analysis, strategic collaboration, presentations on advocacy topics and serving as liaison to the AASB Resolutions and Advocacy committees and the state Board of Education (see FYI). A legislative coordinator supports the director and departmental objectives.

Public Relations

Contact: Dana W. Vandiver

The department oversees association public relations, media relations, membership data coordination, printing, graphic design, event promotion, marketing, member data research, social media and meeting planning duties. Responsibilities include exhibitor and sponsor recruitment, business and strategic partner relations, events management and registration, making presentations on PR and community engagement topics, website management, writing and editing for publications (see FYI and AASB Network), strategic collaboration and fielding member calls on PR topics. A meeting/marketing coordinator, membership coordinator and PR administrative assistant support departmental objectives.

Leadership Development

Contact: Susan Salter

The department oversees association member relations, awards and recognitions, the AASB School Board Member Academy and whole board training. Responsibilities include online and face-to-face course development, speaker selection, consultant recruitment and training, fielding member calls and providing AASB services that assist members with superintendent searches, job fit assessment, communication style assessment, strategic planning, board self-evaluation, superintendent evaluations and compliance with the School Board Governance Improvement Act. The director serves as liaison to the AASB Academy and Multicultural committees. An assistant director and administrative assistant support departmental objectives.