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Services - Certificate of Coverage Request

Services - Certificate of Coverage Request

Alabama Trust for Boards of Education

Certificate of Coverage Request

An ATBE Certificate of Coverage is issued only as evidence of a board participating in one of the ATBE Funds.  The certificate is not evidence of coverage for any person, entity, activity, or event not otherwise covered within the applicable ATBE Coverage Agreement.  The certificate extends no coverage or any other rights of ATBE participation to any certificate holder.

To request an ATBE Certificate of Coverage an authorized employee of the ATBE member board should complete the form below or e-mail all the information listed in the form to:

Allow at least 3 business days for the certificate to be processed and returned. Certificates will be returned to the requesting authorized employee of the member board of education via the e-mail address provided with the request.

Member Board of Education Requesting ATBE Certificate of Coverage

Certificate Holder

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