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Services :: Superintendent Evaluation

How does your school board assess the performance of its superintendent? The Alabama Association of School Boards makes superintendent evaluation easy for members. Our evaluation package is designed to help move the system forward, measure what really matters and encourage clear discussion between the board and superintendent about expectations. There is even an opportunity to involve school and system administrators and community stakeholders in the process.

Evaluation Workshop

One of the school board’s most important tasks is to set clear, measurable expectations for the superintendent annually and to evaluate his or her progress toward meeting those expectations. This session provides the board with the training needed to ensure the evaluation is both fair and productive and covers mechanics of a quality superintendent evaluation process. This session can be used as a stand-alone training or as part of AASB’s superintendent evaluation service. Any school board, regardless of their use of AASB’s evaluation service, may request Superintendent Evaluation Whole Board Workshop. The workshop can satisfy the 2 hours of state-required whole board training.

Evaluation instruments

AASB member school boards have free access to our online superintendent evaluation instruments and may use them in a variety of combinations. Member boards who choose not to use the AASB evaluation service must direct themselves in completing, downloading and analyzing the results of the instruments. Use our instruments for an evaluation system that is:

  • Fair – Be confident it is still a meaningful opportunity for discussion of whether expectations are being met
  • Flexible – Choose to use any or all of the instruments
  • Customizable – Add indicators if there’s a particular performance area you want to emphasize

Our 3-part superintendent evaluation system is easy to use.

Responsibilities-Based Instrument (Board Only)

Board members complete an online evaluation of how well the superintendent is meeting leadership and administrative standards and managing responsibilities.

Responsibilities-Based instruments (360 Degrees)

Our responsibilities-based evaluation process can be completed as a 360-degree evaluation by adding assessments for the superintendent’s direct reports and a representative group of community stakeholders.

Goals-Based Instrument

Boards may choose to forgo our goals-based evaluation instrument, use it alone or pair it with the responsibilities-based instrument for more in-depth results. The board rates the superintendent on how well he or she performed in accomplishing mutually agreed upon goals. The goals instrument enables the board-superintendent team to set the superintendent’s goals for the first year of the evaluation process and evaluate accomplishment of those goals the following year.

Evaluation Service

When a school board opts to use the full Superintendent Evaluation Service, AASB removes the major headaches of conducting an evaluation. For a fee, AASB handles administration of the evaluation process, explains how to best use the online instruments, tallies results and delivers results to the board and superintendent at a board meeting. Gain extra assurance from access to AASB’s guidance and expertise at each step. Boards that opt to use this service and take the Superintendent Evaluation Whole Board Workshop enjoy a discount.

Evaluation Service + Goal Setting

With this service you will get all the benefits of the full evaluation service plus AASB will facilitate a 2- to 3-hour goal setting session. Goals are crucial to the success of any organization. With AASB as the facilitator, the board and superintendent will work together to set a reasonable number of goals, usually 3 to 5, for the coming year. An additional fee is charged.