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The Alabama School Fiscal Accountability Act clarifies the fiscal responsibilities and requirements of the chief school financial officers who serve in public school systems. It is the school board, in consultation with the superintendent, which appoints a qualified chief school financial officer. The CSFO works under the direct supervision of the superintendent but has a fiduciary responsibility to the board of education. This vital professional oversees school financial management and is the leadership team’s crucial link to reports and data about the school system’s fiscal health.

To succeed, CSFOs need a clear idea of what is expected of them and know how their system’s financial operation should align with the school board’s goals and vision. The Alabama Association of School Boards has an evaluation process – which includes research-based evaluative instruments – that eases the work of assessing CSFO performance. The evaluation package is designed to measure what really matters and encourage clear discussion between the CSFO, superintendent and school board about growth and development.


CSFO Evaluation Workshop

AASB offers a CSFO Evaluation Whole Board Workshop to train the board-superintendent team on how to collaboratively work on setting clear, measurable expectations for the chief school financial officer. CSFOs should be evaluated annually near the end of the scholastic year, unless another time is specified in his or her contract. The workshop addresses this timeline and other mechanics of a quality CSFO evaluation process and provides the board with additional training needed to ensure the evaluation is both fair and productive. This session can be used as a stand-alone training or as part of AASB’s CSFO evaluation service. Any school board, regardless of their use of AASB’s evaluation service, may request CSFO evaluation workshop, which can satisfy the 2 hours of state-required whole board training.

CSFO Evaluation Instruments

AASB member school boards have free access to our online CSFO evaluation instruments – designed by a retired CSFO in concert with AASB and the Alabama Association of School Business Officials. You may use them in a variety of combinations. Member boards who choose not to use the AASB evaluation service must direct themselves in completing, downloading and analyzing the results of the instruments. Use our instruments for an evaluation system that is:

  • Fair – Be confident it is still a meaningful opportunity for discussion of whether expectations are being met
  • Flexible – Choose to use any or all of the instruments
  • Customizable – Add indicators if there’s a particular performance area you want to emphasize 

Our 3-part CSFO evaluation system is easy to use. Contact us to request these free member-tools.

Responsibilities-Based Instrument (Board Only)

Board members complete an online evaluation of how well the chief school financial officer is meeting the fiduciary responsibility to the board and managing fiscal responsibilities.

Responsibilities-Based Instrument (Superintendent Only)

The superintendent completes an online evaluation of how well the CSFO is handling of the duties designated by state law (Title 16 of the Code of Alabama) and by state regulations.

Peer Evaluation Instrument (Peers Only)

The central office department heads and principals complete this instrument to provide the board and superintendent with vital feedback regarding their interaction with the CSFO. This data assists the superintendent and board in assessing the CSFO’s effectiveness in various areas of responsibility.


CSFO Evaluation Service

When a school board opts to use the full CSFO Evaluation Service, AASB removes the major headaches of conducting an evaluation. For a fee, AASB handles administration of the evaluation process, explains how to best use the online instruments, analyzes the results and delivers the results to the board and superintendent at a board meeting. Gain extra assurance from access to AASB’s guidance and expertise at each step. Boards that opt to use this service and take the CSFO Evaluation Whole Board Workshop enjoy a discount.


CSFO Evaluation Service + Goal Setting

With this service you will get all the benefits of the full evaluation service plus AASB will facilitate a 2- to 3-hour goal setting session. Goals are crucial to the success of any organization. With AASB as the facilitator, the board, superintendent and CSFO will work together to set a reasonable number of goals, usually 3 to 5, for the coming year. An additional fee is charged.