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Our Team

Sally Smith, J.D.

Executive Director

Sally joined AASB’s staff in 1986 and previously served as assistant executive director, director of public relations, director of communications and director of research and special projects. She was promoted to executive director in June 2007. She manages the association’s affairs, directs legislative efforts, advises the AASB membership and oversees efforts to build public support for schools.



Adrienne Edwards, CPA

Director of Finance & Operations

As the director of finance and operations, Adrienne is responsible for the financial operations of the association and provides financial training, assists boards with financial matters and oversees the daily business operations of the association. Adrienne previously worked as an audit supervisor, internal auditor and accountant.



Susan Salter

Director of Leadership Development

Susan is currently the AASB director of leadership development and oversees the association's training program, creating and delivering whole board training sessions for board leadership teams and planning the content of AASB conferences.



Lissa Tucker, J.D.

Director of Governmental Relations

A former vice president of the American Tort Reform Association, Lissa spearheads AASB’s legislative and advocacy agenda. She monitors the progress of legislation in both the state House and Senate and writes AASB’s weekly legislative newsletter.



Jayne H. Williams, Esq.

General Counsel & Director of Legal Advocacy

Jayne is responsible for training, assisting with advocacy and legislation on issues impacting public education, providing legal information to members and keeping members informed of relevant legislation, court opinions and policy matters.



Dana W. Vandiver

Director of Public Relations

Dana directs all facets of AASB’s marketing efforts, including events management and promoting fee-based services, manages all association communications, including website, social media and specialty publications, and coordinates media relations.



Joy Brownell

Administrative Assistant

Joy joined the AASB staff in 2019. In addition to greeting guests who visit the Alabama Association of School Boards office with a smile, her cheerful voice is the one AASB's callers most often hear.



Michelle Locke

Coordinator of Finance & Operations

Michelle Locke joined the AASB staff in 2014. She's the energetic one who enjoys using such words as "debits" and "credits." As bookkeeper, she processes all accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions.



Shelecia Robinson

Assistant Director of Public Relations

Shelecia Robinson joined the AASB staff in 2019. She is responsible for planning and promoting the district meetings, webinars, conferences and convention, in addition to managing the Sustaining Members program.



Stephanie B. Bell

Executive Assistant of Leadership Development

Stephanie ensures school systems have a positive experience as she works to coordinate whole board trainings. She also works closely with several AASB services including providing technical support to the applicants for superintendent searches.



Suzanne Freeman, Ph.D.

Member Engagement Representative

Dr. Suzanne Freeman joined AASB's staff as a member engagement representative in January 2019. She works to develop positive relationships with AASB members through calls and face-to-face visits, connecting members with AASB services and programs.



Tamia Heard

Public Relations Assistant

Tamia joined the AASB staff in February 2020 and assists the Public Relations department with media relations, graphic design, social media and monitoring education-related news. She is a recent graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she earned a bachelor's degree in communication studies.



Tammy Wright

Executive Assistant

Tammy joined the AASB staff full-time in 1990, after briefly working here part-time. She essentially serves as office manager for AASB. She also is the executive director's secretary.



Tracey A. Meyer

Governmental Relations Coordinator

Tracey assists AASB's grassroots advocacy program by coordinating Advocacy Days and our participation in the Federal Relations Network. In addition, she manages AASB’s legislative portal and prepares & distributes the Advocate for Schools newsletter.



Whitney Miller-Nichols

Assistant Director of Leadership Development

As the assistant director of leadership development, Whitney oversees the creation and management of online training modules, assists in the development and delivery of whole board training and supports various leadership and development programs.



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