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Online Training

School Board U is a self-paced, online leadership development portal that gives school boards access to board training materials and resources to improve school board effectiveness. Key components of School Board U include a course catalog and 24/7 access to online training opportunities.


AASB webinars are a conference call you can make from your desk coupled with an online presentation you can view from your computer. No travel involved! Registration is only $55 per individual caller and $210 per group. The price includes an access code to call in and a link to view the presentation online. Webinar participants should be submitted using this form (or request a form to fax to us) in order for board members to be awarded credit.

Notice: Registration is required to earn school board member academy credit, and reservation of an access code is necessary to participate in the webinar.

Pre-registered participants who were unable to participate in the live webinar may still earn their 1 training hour prior to June 30 on  School Board U. Your access code is required to register at no additional cost.

Resource Library

School Board U contains boardsmanship and training resources for school board members, but AASB also provides a free, public resource library of Boardmanship Basics booklets, research, presentations and more. To serve members' need for resources, AASB also produces news and information and publishes free publications. (Many resources in the online library require a pdf reader, which may be downloaded here.)


For training forms, go here.

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