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External Training Application

See Guidelines for External Training for detailed information about the training requirements, approval process and the responsibilities of the trainer. When you have completed this form, please send it to AASB by mail, email, or fax. Please attach the handouts and sample evaluation form.

Alabama Association of School Boards
Attn: Leadership Development
P.O. Box 4980
Montgomery, AL 36023-4980
Phone: 334.277.9700
Fax: 334.270.0000

Contact Information
Course Information

Attach File (250 Mb Limit *)

Upload all handouts for the course and evaluation form to be completed by course attendees.

Attendance and Credit Hours Policy *

Checking the box below indicates that you understand and agree that, in order for a school board member to receive credit for training, he or she must attend the training session. Partial credit will not be awarded.

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