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Get on Board: Governance Act

Governance Act Introduction

In 2012, the Alabama Legislature passed the School Board Governance Improvement Act, commonly referred to as the "Governance Act."

The act has six parts, each of which impacts board service.

The Governance Act:

  • Specifies responsibilities of board members
  • Establishes minimum qualifications to serve on a local school board
  • Requires new board members to affirm they understand principles of educational governance
  • Requires local boards to adopt a Code of Conduct
  • Provides for sanctions for violations of the Governance Act
  • Requires training of all city and county school board members

The Governance Act is important for you to know about as you consider school board service because it governs so many of the duties of school board members.

We want you to know up front about these parameters so that you have a better idea of the commitment you are making with board service.

View the School Board Governance Improvement Act.


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