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Get on Board: Welcome

Ready to Become a Voice for Alabama's Students?

Welcome to Get on Board, AASB's resource for individuals considering school board service. Here you'll find answers to your pressing questions about school board service, and perhaps some answers to questions you hadn't thought of yet. 


Public education is the cornerstone of our community. It serves an essential function, ensuring that all of our students are prepared for the next step in their lives.

The dedicated public servants who serve on the school board are on the front lines, using their governance role to ensure the best possible outcomes for the students and families they serve.

We applaud you for considering this commitment to your community. School board service should not be entered into lightly. It’s a big commitment.

School board members report spending upwards of 20 hours a week on their school board duties, and during key times of the school year may dedicate even more time to fulfilling their role.

School board members attend monthly meetings, do their “homework” by preparing for meetings, attend events in schools throughout their system, engage with constituents in the community, and participate in training.


Video: School Board Service in Alabama

Take a minute to watch this brief video for an overview of board service in Alabama.


Are You Ready to Get on Board?

Please take some time to navigate through this web resource to familiarize yourself with the expectations and regulations for school board members. If you haven’t already, attend a board meeting so that you can get a sense of the work of the board. And if you have questions about the duties or obligations of school board members, reach out to a sitting member in your or a neighboring system, review AASB and School Superintendents of Alabama's joint handbook, Roles & Responsibilities, or contact our team at

Welcome, and we can’t wait for you to Get On Board!

The Alabama Association of School Boards








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