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Get on Board: Affirmations

School Board Member Affirmations

The Governance Act requires all board members to sign public statement affirming they understand the principles of effective governance before taking office each term.

The signed affirmation is part of the meeting minutes of that board member's first school board meeting.

The principles are:

  1. That each decision, action, and vote taken or made as a member of the board shall be based solely on the needs and interests of students or the system.

  2. That no decision, action, or vote shall be taken or made to serve or promote the personal, political, or pecuniary interests of the member.

  3. That each decision, action, and vote shall be based on the interests of the school system as a whole.

  4. That the views of all members of the board and of the superintendent of shall be considered before making a decision or taking an action on any measure or proposal before the board.

  5. That, except to the extent otherwise provided by law, each member of the board shall take formal action upon the written recommendation of and in consultation with the superintendent, and may not individually or jointly attempt to direct or corrupt the operations of the system in a manner inconsistent with the discharge of the statutory functions and responsibilities of the superintendent.

  6. That each board member shall actively promote public support for the school system and a sound statewide system of public education, and shall endorse ideas, initiatives, and programs designed to improve the quality of public education for all students.

  7. That each member shall attend scheduled meetings and actively participate in system functions, activities, and training programs that promote quality boardsmanship unless good cause is shown.







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