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Superintendent of Glynn County Schools (Georgia)

Hiring Entity:  Glynn County Schools Board of Education (Georgia)

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Search Posted:  28-Jan-2020

Application Deadline:  01-Mar-2020

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Superintendent of Glynn County Schools (Georgia)

The Glynn County Board of Education is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Superintendent of Schools. Applications will be accepted through March 1, 2020.


The Superintendent of Schools serves as the chief executive officer of the school system and is responsible to the Board of Education for ensuring compliance with all board policies, Georgia Board of Education rules and regulations, and state and federal laws. Candidates will be evaluated on their professional merits, with emphasis on the following criteria:

  • Possession of or is eligible for the Renewable Professional Standard or Performance-Based Tier II Certificate in Educational Leadership. Certificate number or letter of eligibility from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, as verification of such eligibility, must be provided. Georgia certification information is available from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, 200 Piedmont Avenue, Suite 1702, Atlanta, GA 30303, 800-869-7775 or
  • Of good moral character; not convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude, as required by GA law; possession of high standards of ethical and moral conduct and a demonstrated ability to promote the success of all students by adhering to ethical principles and professional norms.
  • Has no immediate family members serving on the Glynn County Board of Education or em-ployed as an administrator in the school district after July 1, 2009, as required by GA law.
  • A documented history of successful experience achieved through a combination of pro-fessional expertise attained through service in roles of increased responsibility over time.
  • The ability to set a widely-shared vision, target a mission for learning and foster a positive climate of mutual trust and respect among faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Documented history of developing procedures for assessing the appropriateness of the curriculum and implementing the use of research-based instructional strategies.
  • Evidence of a global understanding of the management of facilities, transportation, nutrition, technology, Human Resources and budgeting facets of district operations.
  • A demonstrated ability to collaborate with faculty and community members, respond to diverse community interests and needs and mobilize community resources.
  • A demonstrated knowledge of local, state and federal laws and mandates, board of education policies and ethical guidelines.
  • Evidence of the ability to provide leadership for the Board of Education to aid their understanding of the “team governance model” and the separation of authority of the board and superintendent.
  • Evidence of a high level of effectiveness in the following personal qualities: Values, Judgment, a Fit for the Position/Community, Customer Focus, Responsiveness, and Organizational Ability
  • A willingness to reside in Glynn County.


  • Possession of a doctorate
  • Documented history of outstanding experience as a superintendent in a Georgia public school district.

Salary and Benefits

A negotiated compensation arrangement with a mix of salary and benefits.

Application Process

Applicants should not contact the Glynn County Board of Education directly. Information, including the link to the online application, is available at GSBA’s website: You can reach GSBA at (770) 962-2985, or (800) 226-1856.


To be considered, the completed file must be submitted online no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on March 1, 2020.

Do not mail any materials to GSBA or the school district. Any documents should be uploaded in the spaces provided in the online application. This includes:

  • a formal letter of application
  • a resume that lists three references
  • a copy of college transcript(s)
  • any letters of recommendation
  • any certificates and supplemental material






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