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If you couldn't find the form you were looking for, try this helpful list. Here are all the forms on this website, plus a few more from our other platforms.


AAAA Application Form

The Alabama Association of Administrative Assistants was organized under the umbrella of the Alabama Association of School Boards to provide professional development and networking for those who directly or indirectly support school boards. Membership runs from July 1- June 30.

AASB Appli Job Candidate Form

To complete your online application for job searches conducted by the Alabama Association of School Boards, use this form. Your application will be retained in active status for one school year. If your qualifications meet our needs, we will contact you.

ACSBA Application Form

Complete this membership application if you wish to join the Alabama Council of School Board Attorneys. The ACSBA Board of Directors must approve all applications.

Application for External Academy Credit

Complete this form to obtain credit for regional and national programs sponsored by the National School Board Association or other state school board associations.

ATBE APD Loss Form

An authorized employee of the ATBE Member (board of education) must use this one page form for the ATBE Member to assert a Loss for Automobile Physical Damage to a Covered Automobile as a result of an Incident.

ATBE Automobile Add/Delete Form

To add to or delete from ATBE Automobile Fund Automobile Liability (AL) Coverage a board owned or operated vehicle an authorized employee of the ATBE member board should complete the form below or e-mail all the information listed in the form.

ATBE Automobile Incident Report

Use this form for an authorized representative of an ATBE Covered Party to report to ATBE, within 7 days of the Incident, an Incident involving a Member board owned or Covered Party operated Automobile, as defined in the coverage agreement.

ATBE Certificate of Coverage Request

An ATBE Certificate of Coverage is issued only as evidence of a board participating in one of the ATBE Funds. The certificate is not evidence of coverage for any person, entity, activity, or event not otherwise covered within the applicable ATBE coverage agreement. The certificate extends no coverage or any other rights of ATBE participation to any certificate holder.

ATBE Claim for Medical Payment Form

This form and all supporting documentation must be submitted within 180 days of the Incident date. Use this form to make a Claim for reasonable and necessary medical expenses incurred by a non-board of education employee individual passenger in a board of education owned or operated Automobile.

ATBE Property Damage / Personal Injury Form

Use this two page form to claim damages to property and damages for personal injury as a result of an automobile incident with a board of education owned or operated automobile. This claim form must be signed and the information that you provide verified as truthful under oath before a notary public.

ATBE Subrogation Property Damage / Personal Injury Form

Use this two page form to assert a subrogation claim for payments made for damages to property and damages for personal injury as a result of an automobile incident with a board of education owned or operated automobile.

Convention Clinic Proposal Form

Complete this form to be considered for presenting at a clinic session at the AASB Annual Convention. We accept proposals for programs, projects or strategies that meet certain criteria.

Convention Student Performance Form

Use this form to suggest a student performance for the AASB Annual Convention. Performances must meet certain criteria. More than 500 school board members and education leaders from across Alabama attend convention.

District Director Nomination Form

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External Training Application Form

Organizations and individuals wishing to provide training to school boards under the School Board Governance Improvement Act must submit this application for approval. Applications must be submitted to the Alabama Association of School Boards at least 30 days prior to the proposed training.

Get Involved Form

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Governance Act Waiver Request Form

School board members may request a waiver from all or part of the current year’s training requirements using the form letter below. Only the state superintendent of education has authority to grant such requests.

Join AASB Form

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Join AASB Network Form

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Join as an Associate Member

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Join Our Listserv Form

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Policy Link Submission Form

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Whole Board Training Request Form

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