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District Director Elections


Nominations are now open for director elections in AASB Districts 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. Ballots will be mailed, and nominations must be made in writing and postmarked or received by Sept. 1. Each board must exercise this vote by official board action at a board meeting and has one vote. AASB will inform the district membership of the candidates by Oct. 1. Ballots must be received or postmarked to AASB by Oct. 31.

Directors must be a member of a school board which is a member of AASB. District director elections are governed by AASB Bylaws

Current District 1 Director Shannon Cauley and District 9 Director Connie Spears are eligible to serve their first full two-year term on the AASB Board of Directors. Spears was appointed in March 2016 and Cauley, who is seeking re-election, was appointed in December 2015 to fulfill unexpired terms. District 7 Director Earnestine Tucker is completing her first full term and is eligible for another. District 3 Director James Rodgers and District 5 Director Suzy Baker are completing their second full term and are ineligible for another. District directors serve two-year terms and can serve two, complete terms. Nomination form.

We have received the following nomination forms for the District Director elections:

District 1 - Shannon Cauley

District 1 - Elizabeth Grizzle

District 3 - Greg Price

District 5 - Tamara Graham

District 7 - Earnestine Tucker

District 9 - Connie Spears