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Superintendent of Macon County Schools

Hiring Entity:  Macon County Board of Education

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Search Posted:  23-Aug-2021

Application Deadline:  24-Sep-2021

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Superintendent of Macon County Schools

The Macon County Board of Education is seeking an experienced leader with strong leadership and administrative skills. They will work with the Board to plan, develop, and maintain the best possible educational programs and services for our students, with an emphasis on improving academic achievement.


Required Qualifications 

Alabama law requires the superintendent be chosen for general fitness and character and be knowledgeable in school administration. Minimum qualifications include:


• Possession of or eligibility for the appropriate certification to serve as a superintendent in Alabama
• Holds a Master’s degree from an accredited college or university
• Experience as a classroom teacher in a public school
• Minimum of 5 years’ work in a public school
• Work for at least 5 years as a public school principal, administrator, assistant superintendent or superintendent
• Qualified to be bonded by the school system’s insurance carrier




Minimum of $125,000 base (plus bonuses based upon agreed-upon criteria including, but not limited to, improvements in student academic achievement)


Application Information:

The link for the electronic application can be found below and on the Board’s website:
All applicants must complete, print, sign and email the application, with a cover letter and resume to:


Applicants must also have an official transcript (from the institution that granted the applicant’s highest degree) sent directly to the Board’s attorney, Alicia F. Bennett.
Upon passage of the application deadline, finalists will be selected and chosen for interviews. The Board may choose to interview some or all of the finalists. Any interviews conducted will be public.
Hill Hill Carter
Attn: Alicia Bennett
31 Inverness Center Pkwy, Suite 120 Birmingham, AL 35242
Or emailed to:



Applications and transcripts must be received by 3:00pm (CST) on September 24, 2021.



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