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Gov. Ivey Assumes Office

Advocate for Schools 14-Apr-2017

Legislative schedule changes to accommodate impeachment hearings became moot Monday when Gov. Robert Bentley resigned and Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey was sworn in to become the state’s 46th governor. G... Read More

Senate sends ETF to House

Advocate for Schools 07-Apr-2017

The Senate approved the $6.4 billion FY18 education budget Tuesday by a 29-2 vote.The Senate passed S.129 (Orr) ( Read More

ETF Budget Stalls

Advocate for Schools 17-Mar-2017

The Senate’s plan to approve the $6.4 billion education budget for FY18 derailed Thursday.Senators objected to the fast pace when a floor substitute was introduced to the budget, and they vowed to... Read More

Education Budget Timeframe

Advocate for Schools 10-Mar-2017

This year’s Education Trust Fund budget originated in the Senate.The ETF budget is expected to be on the Senate FTE Committee's agenda Wednesday, March 15. The introduced budget,S.129 (Orr) (http:... Read More

Senate Narrowly Approves AAA Revision

Advocate for Schools 24-Feb-2017

By a 17-15 vote ( ) on Thursda... Read More

Charter School Law Changes Proposed

Advocate for Schools 17-Feb-2017

H.245 ( by Rep. Terri Collins is proposing several changes to the charter school law that... Read More

2017 Session Starts

Advocate for Schools 13-Feb-2017

Lawmakers convened Tuesday in Montgomery for the 2017 Legislative Session and will have some $90 million to increase appropriations for all of public education, while General Fund budget challenge... Read More

Special Session Results

Advocate for Schools 09-Sep-2016

Amidst procedural drama and controversy, lawmakers split on the two items Gov. Bentley put forth for a special session: Special Session Results — No Lottery; BP Settlement Quick F... Read More

Special Session Starts

Advocate for Schools 19-Aug-2016

Lawmakers convened Monday to consider legislation in response to Gov. Bentley’s call outlining two priorities for the special session Special Session Starts & Stalls on GF Fix ... Read More

2016 Enactment Legislation

Advocate for Schools 19-May-2016

This publication of 2016 enacted legislation includes only enactments of interest to education and school boards. For a copy of any act listed above, click the act number or view government record... Read More